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McHugh Today: The Website for McHugh Employees

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McHugh Job Openings

Our job openings are now listed under the Human Resources tab. Current open positions include:

Superintendent - Infrastructure New!
Estimator - Infrastructure
Chief Estimator - Infrastructure
ERP Specialist
Quality Control Manager - Infrastructure
Corporate Insurance Manager
Senior Project Manager
Senior Project Manager - Infrastructure
Project Manager - Infrastructure
Project Manager - Rail
Project Engineer - Rail
Superintendent - Rail
Superintendent - Concrete

Demo of 200 N Michigan Ave

Check out the demolition of 200 N Michigan Ave where the Pepper-McHugh JV will be constructing a 41-story mixed-use building featuring 402 apartments and two stories of retail. http://dnain.fo/1qKyouv

35th Street Bike & Pedestrian Bridge Awarded to McHugh/Araiza

We are starting this week on the 35th Street Bike and Ped Bridge!.


E2 Tribute to Ray Cisco

Check out the tribute to project manager Ray Cisco at E2's topping out in Evanston! http://bit.ly/1t2IFrb

July 2014 Birthdays

Happy birthday to all the July babies: Paul Jakalski (1), Sharon Dunlop and Kate Ivanova (2), Vince Bucci, Linda Bohde, and Joe Shapiro (4), Kate Schaefer (9), Rick McCarthy and Owen Smith (10), Helen Yeung (12), Eric Weber (14), Paul Daniels and Vickie Travis-Woods (16), Jeff Lange (17), Corinne Blotnicki and Andy McDonough (18), Max Levin and Bryan Flynn (21), Andrea Dubinski and Patrick Brown (22), Ryan Keane (25), John Langford (26), Lou Frigo (27), and Patty McHugh (30).

Suggestion Box

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Are these LEGO-like blocks the future of construction?

BUILDING DESIGN + CONSTRUCTION - The company Kite Bricks may have just reinvented masonry.

Image courtesy of Kite Bricks

Parking structures group launches LEED-type program for parking garages

BUILDING DESIGN + CONSTRUCTION -- Independent, registered Green Garage Certification Assessors are being trained by the GPC and may be tapped to guide applicants through the process.

Statehood For The Nation's Capital?

President Barack Obama says he supports statehood for the nation's capital!


Mission Statement

Our Mission: To provide a seamless and positive project experience with excellence and innovation.

Word of the Day

Nine Safety Tips That Could Save Your Life!

1. Keep your car keys on your night table.
If like millions of Americans, your key-fob contains a panic alert button, and your car is in range of your bedroom, pressing the button will cause the horn to blast and the headlights to flash-potentially saving lives during a home invasion by scaring criminals away, alerting neighbors to the fact that there's an emergency situation unfolding, and helping police to more quickly find your home. 


5 Things You Should Know About Vitamin D Deficiency

Imagine there were a nutrient that could protect your brain, bones and heart, and maybe even help you live longer. It's 100% free, and all you have to do to get it is go outside. Seems like something everyone would have plenty of, right? Well, that nutrient exists- it's vitamin D, which is created by our cells when our skin is exposed to sunlight. But despite these facts, many Americans aren't getting as much of the "sunlight vitamin" as they should. Here's what you need to know about vitamin D, and how inadequate levels can affect your health. 

7 Ways To Practice Positivity & Optimism Every Day

By now, the benefits of positive thinking are well established. Sages, psychologists, neuroscientists, researchers and doctors all have been espousing the benefits of positive thinking for hundreds of years. Positive thinking helps us to be healthier, more productive and ultimately happier. Yet for most of us, it is hard to practice optimism on a regular basis.