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South Loop News

No plans this weekend? Stop by the Motor Row Craft Beer & Wine Fest which will be taking place just a block away! 

Also, did you know there is a farm on top of McCormick Place?  SAVOR...Chicago partnered with the Chicago Botanic Garden to plant the Midwest's largest farm-to-fork rooftop garden as part of its ongoing mission to promote local sustainable agriculture and train city residents for careers in urban agriculture. If you are interested in attending a tour on Thur, Sept 10th. There will be two tours that day one from 5 to 6pm, and one 6 to 7pm. Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Age Is Only A Number

"Old Colony Building Has Youthful Kick" - check out the Tribune article here.

old colony

Thank You 100 Club Volunteers!

THANK YOU to all the McHugh employees along with your friends and family who came out this past Sunday to volunteer for the annual 100 Club Family Day picnic at the Brookfield Zoo. It's such an amazing event, and you helped make it such a successful, memorable day for all the families involved. Thank you to Mayra Vega, Chris Loots, Dan Jordan, Greg Girote, Don Zirbel, Dave Erikson, Tom Conroy, Kevin Gibson, Adam Miller, Brenda Stivers, Chris Johansen, Diana Gaona, Caitlin Mackowiak, Caroline Maude and Mike Fitzpatrick. Please stop by Shelly's desk to pick up your thank you gift for volunteering!

Special Olympics Volunteers

A great big thank you to Caitlin Mackowiak, Diana Gaona, Stephany Hays, Glenda Carlos, Caroline Maude, Kenny Maiberger, Kevin Herkert, Brenda Stivers and Adam Miller for donating their time and energy to helping the Special Olympics of Chicago!


September Birthdays

Happy birthday to all the September babies: Vishal Patel (1), Mike Meagher (2), Heather Weidman (3), Sean Phelan and Jonathan Blankenbeck (7), Randy Bullard and David Steffenhagen (9), Greg Girote (13), Carol Anderson (14), Matt Meyers (16), Patrick McGarvey (18), Brad Davis (20), Tom Stuit (21), Sricharan Lokku (24), Ed Navarro (28), and Kevin Morley, Zannetha Moss, and Adham Henawi (29).

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Historic power plant converted to modern offices in Minnesota

A landmark power plant in Owatonna, Minn., damaged in a 2010 flood has new life as the headquarters of Owatonna Public Utilities following a renovation by architects Leo A Daly.

When the Straight River flooded in 2010, 12 feet of water stood in the basement of the Owatonna power plant, a brick Italianate building with a distinctive neon sign, arched windows, and three silver smoke stacks. The flood damaged its generators, but OPU sought Leo A Daly's help in re-purposing the building into its new headquarters.


Chicago's 7 most endangered properties

Each year, Preservation Chicago publishes a list of the city buildings that are at the highest risk of being lost to demolition or decay. According to DNA Info, the organization unveiled its list on the 178th anniversary of Chicago's incorporation as a city.

"These are irreplaceable buildings that define our neighborhoods," said Ward Miller, Executive Director of Preservation Chicago.
The buildings named on the list are:


CTA to buy 125 more buses as part of modernization program

The CTA said Monday it will buy 125 more Nova buses to replace 15-year-old buses — the oldest buses in the roughly 1,800-vehicle fleet.

The $68.5 million purchase, which is expected to be approved by the CTA board Wednesday, is an add-on to a $220 million bus modernization program that is in the process of bringing 425 new buses to the transit agency since 2011, officials said.


Mission Statement

Our Mission: To provide a seamless and positive project experience with excellence and innovation.

Word of the Day

Six tips for safe cycling in the city

What does it take to truly join the elite tribe that is urban cyclists? Do you have to achieve Paperboy levels of expertise: master the left turn in traffic, negotiate vanishing bike lanes without missing a beat, learn to bunny-hop over open sewer drains? Or do you just have to successfully ride your bike in a city, even once? If it’s the latter, break out the champagne — ’cause I’m in the club, baby.


Is washing fruit effective in reducing exposure to pesticides?

Good old tap water will go a long way toward washing pesticide residues off your fruit and vegetables, but “getting it down to zero is not feasible, ever,” said Dave Stone, a toxicologist who is the director of the National Pesticide Information Center, a cooperative effort between Oregon State University and the Environmental Protection Agency. While washing can reduce pesticide residues on the surface, it cannot eliminate pesticides that are absorbed by the roots into the very tissue of the fruit or vegetable.


51 Words You Should Know How to Pronounce

RAGAN COMMUNICATIONS  "Personally, I cringe when I hear someone sound the "t" in often or pronounce pecan with a short "a," but I acknowledge that these pronunciations are widely accepted. However, alternative pronunciations are different from out-and-out mispronunciations. Here are 50 frequently mispronounced words to watch for.