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Circle Interchange Wins IDOT Awards

McHugh has been selected as Contractor of the Year by Illinois Department of Transportation for New Bridge Construction (Byrne Interchange Flyover) and the Urban Improvement Award (Grade Separation/Reconstruction of US Route 30)! Congrats to our project teams and to all the other award winners – especially Araiza Corporation for being named Outstanding Subcontractor of the Year.

And a huge thank you to the entire Circle Interchange crew for all of your hard work. You did a phenomenal job! Carlos del Val Cura, Kris Harmon, Nick Kowalczyk, Adam Henawi, Keith Hollis, Terry Kocur, Tom Chirillo, Tony Charielle, Frank Strug Jr., Gina Alexander, Al Webb, Diamard O'Brien, DonChevell Brown, 
Ian Ramsey, Devin Sokolnski, Greg Kurisor, Jason Martinez, Abdon Madrigal, Martin Geraghty, Maribel Escobar, Ricado Morales, Robert Jones, Don Kooy, Tyler Clausen, Josh Nelson, Glen Plancta, Dominic Charielle, Jeff Graves, Jim Nelson, Brad Coplin

The Ramp Is Open!

Congrats to everyone involved in the opening of the IDOT Circle Interchange North West Ramp this weekend! Way to beat out the snow!

idot circle

A Little Taunting from the UCEA Team

ESPN stopped by the United Center East Addition today and had the team take a nice photo to taunt Lebron James with for the bet he lost with Dwayne Wade. http://trib.in/2gisz93


35th Street Bridge is Open!

The 35th Street Bicycle and Pedestrian Bridge is officially open! Designed by John Hillman, the unique single-cable, concrete suspension bridge connects Burnham Park to the lakefront trail and spans the Illinois Centrail railroad tracks and south Lakeshore Drive. Take advantage of the warm November we're having and go check it out! 


35th st

December Birthdays

Happy birthday to all the December babies: Gina Alexander (2), Karl Bechtoldt, Tom Chirillo, Maurice Sims, and Ashley Freeland (4), Ira Leibold (6), Marty Hutchinson (13), Deisy Ramos (14), Terry Murphy and Bob Rowan (16), Yolanda Bravo (17), Billy Arnold (18), John Kelly and Martin Ramirez (19), Jennifer Engel (20), Rueben Jones (22), Ricardo Silva (23), Don Koch and Dan Rosenberg (24), Larry Wilkins (26), Mike Hogan (27), Tim Watson, Aaron Noble, and Tom Reidy (28), Chris Johansen (29) and Frank Strug, Brenda Stivers, Joe Payne, and Vince Reeves (31).

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Safety Still First! BIM Takes Rule No. 1 to the Next Level

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Tapping into New Trade: Will Cuba Be the US Construction Industry's Next Big Market?

In December 2014, President Barack Obama announced that his administration planned to pursue a new, open policy with the island nation of Cuba, the first such gesture since diplomatic and trade relations between the two countries were terminated in 1961, two years after the Cuban Revolution of 1959.


Mission Statement

Our Mission: To provide a seamless and positive project experience with excellence and innovation.

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