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McHugh Named As GC For New United Center Office Building

We've been named as the general contractor for the construction of the new, standalone office building adjacent to the United Center that will house Chicago Bulls, Chicago Blackhawks, Levy Restaurants and United Center employees currently operating out of the United Center, as well as a new Blackhawks and Bulls retail store! Check out the article here: http://on.nba.com/186yERh

UC Office

Positions Available

We're looking for qualified people! Take a look at our Job Openings.

McHugh's Green Office Challenge

As part of our participation in the Chicago Green Office Challenge (we're in 14th place at the moment!), we are upping our recycling game at the main office. A rep from our waste hauler, Republic Services, presented last week about what we can and cannot recycle - both in the office and at home.

Take a look at the presentation.

McHugh 401K

January Birthdays

Happy Birthday to the January babies: Dave Novak (4); Mike Fitzpatrick and Rick Tilquist (8); Carlos Del Val Cura (9); Jennifer Gee (13); Veronica Tinley and Natalie Ervin (16); Mike Pagano, Ben Bedar, and Natalie Machado (19); Kevin Gibson (21); Max Hickey (25); Don Zirbel and Melissa Tompkins (26); and Petty Jimenez (30)!

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New study says prefab elements saved Colorado hospital $4.3 million in construction

BUILDING DESIGN + CONSTRUCTION  A study by engineers at the University of Colorado Boulder found that prefab approaches on the new Saint Joseph Hospital in Denver cut 72 workdays off the schedule and resulted in millions in savings.

Are these LEGO-like blocks the future of construction?

BUILDING DESIGN + CONSTRUCTION - The company Kite Bricks may have just reinvented masonry.

Image courtesy of Kite Bricks

19 Incredibly Successful People Who Started Out As Failures

When it comes to accomplishing your dreams- and getting credit for doing so- all we can say is, never underestimate the power of time. 


Mission Statement

Our Mission: To provide a seamless and positive project experience with excellence and innovation.

Word of the Day

5 Safety Tips for Running in Sub-Zero Temperatures

This past week was cold. It was teary-eyed, catch-your-breath, ice cream headache cold. But that didn't stop thousands of runners from braving the sub-zero temperatures to enjoy their daily workout despite the frigid winter weather. The key to running in the extreme cold is to protect yourself, wear the proper clothing, and have an exit strategy. 

7 Reasons You're Waking Up All Wrong

Did you hit the snooze button this morning? Reach for coffee? Skip breakfast? If this were, "How You Wake Up 101," you'd fail. 
But don't let that keep you up at night. Sleep patterns- and, on the flip side, waking up habits- are "highly trainable, for good or for bad," says Michael Grandner, a psychiatry instructor at the University of Pennsylvania who studies sleep, its health effects and the factors that influence how we do it. Here's how to conquer seven common mistakes- and wake up like a pro.


3 Myths That Stop Success

The First Myth: The "Downside" of Success
Have you ever heard of the term, "The hidden downside of success"? What downside would that be? Upon investigating, most people say that it has to do with other's perception of their success.