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McHugh Today: The Website for McHugh Employees

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A Great Chicago Man

Read an amazing story of an amazing man.


United Rental - Trench Digging

Structural Steel Complete on Circle Interchange

The structural steel portion of the ramp was completed this week on the Circle Interchange project! Next step - pouring the deck.


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Thank You Interns!

On Friday we held an intern appreciation luncheon celebrating all the awesome students that came to work for us this summer. We’re wishing all of you the best of luck in the future, and are so proud to have some of you starting full time with us after graduation!  


August Birthdays

Happy birthday to all the August babies: Tom Conroy (1), Kevin Daniels (3), Terry Gillespie (4), Joe Lopresti (7), Mansie Lam (9), Pete Vondra (10), Shelly Griggs, Memo Fonesca, and Jin Xing (12), Patrick Lynn (13), Bill Giovanetti (17), Mike Rodriguez (21), Katie DeCosta (24), (Bryan Carlson (25), Lance Larson (28), and Ryan Miller (31).

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Tapping into New Trade: Will Cuba Be the US Construction Industry's Next Big Market?

In December 2014, President Barack Obama announced that his administration planned to pursue a new, open policy with the island nation of Cuba, the first such gesture since diplomatic and trade relations between the two countries were terminated in 1961, two years after the Cuban Revolution of 1959.


How Chicago's Hottest Neighborhood Is Booming Like Never Before

CHICAGO — From luxury high-rise apartment buildings to McDonald's corporate headquarters, a boom of new development in the West Loop is rapidly changing the face of the neighborhood.

If approved, the nearly 20 residential projects proposed or under construction in the neighborhood would bring more than 5,000 new units of housing to the West Loop.


Litter-Free, Swimable Chicago Rivers? That's The Plan

NORTH CENTER — Flanked by more than a dozen city officials and private partners, Mayor Rahm Emanuel unveiled his long-touted plan for development along Chicago's rivers Wednesday.


Mission Statement

Our Mission: To provide a seamless and positive project experience with excellence and innovation.

Word of the Day

Flood Safety Tips: How to Survive Flash Floods

Flood safety tips from the Federal Emergency Management Agency :

During the flood


FDA Approves GMO Mosquito Test to Fight Zika

Genetically modified mosquitoes that could help to fight the spread of the Zika virus may soon be released in a Florida community following the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's final assessment showing that a field test of the insects would have "no significant impact" on the environment.


How I Became a Morning Person (and How You Can, Too)


For years I dreaded the sound of my morning alarm. It represented so much that was wrong with my life. I’d have to end whatever great dream I was having, put on clothes I didn’t like, go out into the world bleary-eyed and stand in a cramped train with a hundred other people who would also rather be anywhere else.