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Use of Company Vehicles

Three of McHugh's core values are safety, respect, and integrity. These values apply not only to our business dealings with clients, subcontractors, and each other but to the public in general. Our code of conduct instructs employees to regularly ask ourselves some simple questions - Are my actions legal? Is this in the best interest of McHugh? Am I being honest and responsive? How would this look in the media? - And to keep in mind that failure to comply with the company's code of conduct can have serious consequences including potential fines, criminal liability for the company, and potential damage to McHugh's reputation.

On September 27 at approximately 4:45 PM, our human resources department received a call reporting that a company vehicle - a white pickup truck with the McHugh logo - was speeding northbound on I-57 near Champaign at over 100 miles per hour.

From time to time, we receive reports from the general public about a company vehicle speeding, driving aggressively, weaving, and/or tailgating. We would like to remind those who drive a company vehicle - logoed or not - that you have been given a privilege. As stated in the company vehicle policy: The conditions of that privilege are that you must obey all motor vehicle laws, maintain the vehicle properly at all times and follow the rules and procedures of this policy. This privilege can, and will, be taken away if you fail to abide by the laws and rules of the road.

If you are unfamiliar with McHugh's auto policy or with our code of conduct, please contact Natalie Pedraza at 312-821-0344.


McHugh Job Openings

Our job openings are now listed under the Human Resources tab. Current open positions include:

Assistant Project Manager New!
Project Manager New!
Safety Director New!
Project Structural Engineer III
Superintendent - Heavy/Highway
Project Engineer
Field Safety Manager
Assistant Project Manager - Heavy/Highway
Project Engineer - Heavy/Highway
Estimator - Heavy/Highway
Chief Estimator - Heavy/Highway
Corporate Insurance Manager
Senior Project Manager
Senior Project Manager - Heavy/Highway
Project Manager - Heavy/Highway
Project Manager - Rail
Superintendent - Rail
Superintendent - Concrete

Advocate Center Opens On the West Side

The Advocate Center, the new Chicago Bulls practice facility, was officially opened on September 12th with Bulls executive staff, former players, and press as well as Mayor Emanuel and other city officials on hand for the ribbon cutting.


Bret Harte Playground Opens

In early September, McHugh wrapped up construction of a new playground and drop off lane at Bret Harte Elementary in Hyde Park.


October Birthdays

Happy birthday to all the October babies including: Mort Lane (2), Monique Perryman (3), Lisa Clark, Matt Eichen, Jimmy McHugh, and Mike Foggie (4), Jeff Adams (6), John Sheridan (9), Mikhail Ushakov (12), Tom Kruszewski (13), Kathleen Arnold (15), Bob Soldan (16), John Curran (17), Steve Wiley and Pete Campagnolo (19), Bob Hill and Dan Jordan (22), Jill Nelson (23), Aaron Spahn (25), and Alex Bonfil (29). Have a great day!

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Are these LEGO-like blocks the future of construction?

BUILDING DESIGN + CONSTRUCTION - The company Kite Bricks may have just reinvented masonry.

Image courtesy of Kite Bricks

Parking structures group launches LEED-type program for parking garages

BUILDING DESIGN + CONSTRUCTION -- Independent, registered Green Garage Certification Assessors are being trained by the GPC and may be tapped to guide applicants through the process.

How To Actually Get Stuff Done

If you have 20 sticky note reminders taped to your desk and 12 to-do lists in draft, this post is for you. In a world that seems to never stop moving, how do we actually accomplish what we want to get done?


Mission Statement

Our Mission: To provide a seamless and positive project experience with excellence and innovation.

Word of the Day

International Day of the Girl - Oct 11th

October 11 is International Day of the Girl Child, also known as Day of the Girl. It is a day designated for promoting the rights of girls and addressing the unique challenges they face.

Below is a link to the CDC website with some good health and safety info.


How To Start Running

With cooler temperatures, fall is a great time to start running. It's great exercise and can be a huge stress reliever. However, if you don't start off right, your runs might be the opposite. The best way to start running, even for highly active people, is to start with a run/walk program.

20 Common Habits Successful People Consciously Reject

Successful people lead their lives on purpose with uplifting truths, empowering habits, and strong principles. Their life of success is a direct result of their conscious choices and healthy habits. Here are 20 habits people unintentionally pick up, that successful people make it a point to consciously avoid.